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  • Mathematics in Dance and Music | Kids Learn Math With Dance

    Teach Mathematics With Dance Revitalize your classroom and energize your students! Arts integration ideas, online courses, lesson plans, coaching, and performances. Learn to motivate your students with dance and explore the math curriculum through movement. Dance Equations travels internationally to work with schools and community groups. We offer workshops, professional development, and performances. Additionally, for immediate access, a step-by-step online training program. Using dance to teach mathematics saves you time, money, and valuable resources, and no previous dance training is required! Hire our team, become a host school, or learn online. Begin today, and gain access to our video archives, books, lessons, music, classroom poster PDF files, and more. We work with universities, schools, homeschooling parents, and community groups. Start a Course Countdown to our next event! See a list of events on the event page. "Inspiring young mathematicians, one dance step at a time." Reproducir video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copiar Enlace Enlace copiado What We Offer Dance Equations provides ​ student workshops​ - teacher professional development - performances Guaranteed to enhance your teaching style and transform your classroom. Dance Equations is designed specifically for educational professionals dedicated to the craft of alternative teaching. Recognizing the modern challenges within the education system, surmounting difficulties to engage students, increased class sizes, and access to fewer resources, Dance Equations focuses on easy-to-implement a nd creative lessons that require less prep with a maximum output of enjoyment and learning. You'll learn how arts integration can help you and your students meet your academic goals in a refreshing and fun way. What Grade Level? Dance Equations trains teachers to be able to effectively use dance in the classroom. Our teaching method is designed to pair with your curriculum. Similar to music or art, dance can be used for any grade level. It is an incredible teaching tool that has been overwhelmingly ignored. While music is mathematical because of its use of TIME. Dance is mathematical because of its use of TIME, SPACE, FORCE, and BODY. Therefore it is a complete embodiment of mathematics. Dance Equations focuses on the development of an individual movement vocabulary, the introduction of mathematical themes through physical exploration, and the use of mathematics in choreography. Our mission is to offer each teacher the gift of dance without learning difficult steps. We demonstrate how to use dance, how to develop a dance lesson, and how to connect it to your curriculum. We focus on key foundational exercises so that teachers can see the vast options and spectrum within the world of teaching mathematics through movement. Please send me the school information pack. First Name Last Name Email I agree to the terms & conditions More Info Thanks for your inquiry Read More MEET YOUR TEACHER Miranda Abbott Miranda Abbott is a professional dancer and choreographer as well as an author, and educator, specializing in teaching curriculum through dance, art, and literature. ​ Miranda has toured across Canada with the Canadian Contemporary Dance Company and performed original and memorable works by many choreographers and dancers, including David Earle, Carol Anderson, José Limón, Sharon Moore, Michael Trent, and Keith Lee. ​ Miranda was also a member of the breakdance group So-Be-It Union and has appeared in music videos with Masia One and Classified, and was an opening act for Maestro Fresh Wes. She stays connected to her hip-hop roots and is known as Tangerine (bgirl Tangie). ​ Miranda has written programs and resource materials for The Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre, Harbourfront Centre, and the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. ​ Her training was earned through the National Ballet School of Canada, École supérieure de ballet du Québec, the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, and the Canadian Children's Dance Theatre. Become a Host School If you would like Dance Equations to visit your school or community group you can become a host. Contact us to see if you are eligible to become a host. Hosts can offset workshops, professional development, and performance fees through ticket sales. Our fees vary depending on location and in relation to travel costs and accommodations. Dance Equations will work with the host to help earn revenue or offset fees. First Name Last Name Email Code arrow&v Phone Are you a school? Where are you located? Apply Thanks for your interest in Dance Equations! All Courses Include All educators working with Dance Equations, virtual or in-person, will gain access to the members' platform. From the platform you can join virtual coaching sessions, download books and resources, and enjoy over 50 videos of examples and instruction. Material is digital and can be translated, likelwise Miranda and the performance/teaching team DEKO is capable of offering instruction in English, French, and Spanish. Coaching Virtual Interactive Classroom 2-hour introductory workshop interactive learning space one-on-one coaching Q&A and creative brainstorming​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Resources Books, Lesson Plans, Classroom Posters, & more Beyond Movement PDF book Choreography & Mathematics PDF book Dance to my Equations MP3 collection math board activities classroom posters JPEG files printable cards and other activities Videos Over 50 Videos of Instruction exercise examples with students 6 video introductory course 6 video explainer mini-course 30-day introduction to modern dance video collection performance videos additional lesson ideas ​ Sneak Peak Inside the Books Page Sample 1 Page Sample 4 Page Sample 1 Page Sample 1 1/7 Reproducir video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copiar Enlace Enlace copiado I'm Ready! New To The Platform 30-day Introduction to Modern Dance The additional 30-day video course is an excellent course for non-dancers interested in learning Modern Dance, Teachers who want to develop their understanding of dance training, beginner dancers wanting to improve their abilities, or seasoned dancers who’ve never studied this particular style. In addition to learning all about Dance Equations, The video course teaches the basics of the Limón style, a technique that focuses on the natural dynamics of the body. This technique improves the learner's quality of movement, connection to breath, and coordination. The organic movement of the Limón style makes it an enjoyable practice, comfortable for the body that can be done at home. It improves strength and flexibility offering your more comfort, mobility, and longevity. Get even more of the Dance Equations experience! Testimonial "Miranda Abbott can chat about mathematical equations and scientific theories with the grace of a dancer. When she talks about numbers, her hands are in constant motion; her body moves this way and that." BARBARA AGGERHOLM Waterloo Region Record How Does Dance Connect with Mathematics? 7 simple ways to teach mathematics with dance There are obvious connections to math and movement such as; ​ Angles Geometry Patterns Symmetry Translations Rotations Numbers and Counting Exploring these concepts through dance not only engages the senses while learning but helps students to conceptualize and understand math in time and space. Learning angles through dance, making geometric shapes with dance, building math patterns in dance, and learning symmetry in dance are common elements of kinesthetic education. ​ Read more via our blog. Read More Contact

  • Mathematics Live Dance Performances | dance for public and private events

    Mathematics Live On Stage Dance Equations & Kompany (DEKO) is available for performances. The company's production Dust... can be performed in theaters or school settings. Dust... demonstrates the mathematical themes and exercises from Dance Equations on stage through an exhilarating live dance presentation. It is a 30-minute journey through the realms of movement-inspired math with music, poetry, and projection. This repertoire pairs with the Dance Equations program and can include a variety of workshops. DEKO's home is in Costa Rica, however, we are prepared to travel internationally. Contact us if you would like to host an event. Contact DEKO "Inspiring young mathematicians, one dance step at a time." *an English version of the performance is available. Available Anytime! ​ DEKO performs on a regular basis. Focused on Dance Theater in a spirit of inclusivity, the repertoire incorporates several short dance pieces approximately 5 to 10 minutes in length. These performances do not need to be presented in a theatre setting. They are wonderful dances for festivals, markets, and other celebrations. We perform without travel expenses in the central valley of Costa Rica and towns around San Jose. We are available for international performances as well.

  • Events | Dance Equations

    Dance Equations Events See our upcoming events. Dance Equations provides in-person and online workshops, professional development, and performances. Welcome to our events! These events have been designed for teachers, homeschool parents, or groups. The performances can be for both schools, community groups, or the public. If you would like to host an event please contact Miranda at mié, 31 may Kumospace Virtual Classroom Virtual Math & Dance Workshop (FREE) + 6 más Compra tus entradas mié, 31 may WeWork Cariari Desarrollo Profesional en Costa Rica. Compra tus entradas

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